We are a needs led digital agency who develops a deep understanding of your business, its needs and delivers solutions to engage and drive your audience to action.

Working with you across your complete digital presence, we help: craft your story; align your digital presence and deliver your message through amazing video content, engaging websites and slick mobile applications. Why? So that you get the best ROI on your digital spend.

 Hence our name derived from Latin:

trūdō (present infinitive trūdere, perfect active trūsī, supine trūsum); 

  1. I thrust, push or shove

In essence we help drive your digital experience forward.

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Video Animation Graphics

Digital Stories

You have a great story to tell of a business that delights its customers.

We help tell that story by creating cine-quality video, eye catching animations and fabulous photos & graphics that engage your audience and get your message deep inside their psyche.

Working closely with you we craft and broadcast that story and help you achieve your goals.

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Web Mobile Cloud

Digital Experiences

We don’t just do websites, we help you with your Digital Experience end to end.

These days you need to make sure you customers get a cohesive, consistent view of your business when online. Of course a great website is central to that and we take care of that for you. However it doesn’t stop there, you need integration across platforms and channels so your customers can access the service you provide where they want and when they want.

We provide your business with the tools to serve your customers and drive your business forward in the form of mobile and cloud based solutions.

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Digital Stories / Web / Mobile

Design / Digital Experiences / Digital Transformations / Photography / Video / Web

Design / Digital Stories / Video

Consultancy / Digital Experiences / Mobile / Web

Consultancy / Digital Experiences



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